*Sandy created what felt like a safe and sacred space where I could be myself. T

     Sandy Walker, MPCC, RPC
Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling
​  Registered Professional Counsellor  

*Sandy is attentive, genuine, respectful and empathic throughout each session. There is always insightful feedback and skills given for future situations that may arise. S

*You have made a difference in my life and if I exude Joy, it is because you have helped me learn that I could! . D 

*I am grateful to have found a counsellor like Sandy, I have tried 6 or 7 counsellors in the last 10 years and never felt comfortable returning after 1 or 2 visits. After just my first session I felt immediate relief and a sense of hope again. B

*Sandy has a gentle, intuitive approach that always helped me take the next step I need towards peace and understanding. She has a welcoming , patient, graceful way of listening and is able to engage me in places I hadn't considered. L

Every great journey begins with a single step.


*Sandy Walker has a simple yet profound gift, Her gift is that she sincerely wants to serve and help people. D  .

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Transformative Counselling

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