What is Life Coaching?

While Life Coaching includes awareness of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your personal life, from my perspective, the process differs from Individual Counselling.

Life Coaching is usually sought for support in a very specific goal you have in your life. Counselling is much more likely to have a greater emotional therapeutic element, and may focus on historical issues or trauma. As a counsellor, I bring a skilled presence to working through both counselling and coaching issues.

Life Coaching Will Support You to:

  • Identify the specific area of your personal or work life that you want to change
  • Choose a realistic goal 
  • Formulate a clear plan and the steps to achieve it
  • Take manageable steps, supported by a timeline we've created together.
  • Reflect on the process as it unfolds and make changes as necessary
  • Achieve and celebrate your goal

The Benefits of Life Coaching:

​The benefits of Life Coaching are as unique as you are. Your commitment to yourself is the foundation for accomplishing the steps listed above.


  • Finally being able to identify the specific idea or belief that has been in the way of your dream project
  • A deeper sense of self-confidence as you watch your vision unfold before you
  • Bringing a greater sense of order and practical action to what you truly want to achieve
  • Feeling fully supported if agendas change or life throws you a curveball
  • Being able to say,"I did it!" and having me join you in celebrating that truth

The Next Step:

Contact me and say, "Yes" to your vision. I would be honoured to join you on your journey.