When to Seek Couples and Relationship Counselling:

  • When communication has become negative or broken down completely.
  • When couples become more like roommates than an intimate couple.
  • When one or both partners are considering an affair or have had an affair.
  • When partners don't know how to solve their differences.  
  • When the only resolution seems to be separation.
  • When the couple is staying together simply for the sake of their children.

The Benefits of Couples and Relationship Counselling:

  • A safe environment to communicate with your significant other and be heard.
  • Support to grow together in relationship with another.
  • Freedom and support to take responsibility for your own process without needing to take care of another.
  • The opportunity to experience non-judgmental communication being modelled and encouraged.
  • Knowing you have done everything you could do to grow your relationship or make the appropriate transition within or from this relationship.

What to Expect in Sessions:

  • I will explain the process of Couples and Relationship Counselling, including: I will guide each of you to share what your concerns and hopes are; you will use respectful, non-violent communication practices; we will follow a clear, mutually agreed-upon agenda, with openness to being with whatever might arise in the moment; I will offer "homework" for you individually or as a couple to do between appointments.

  • Each person will be supported to take responsibility for their own thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and unhealthy strategies that may arise.
  • Past issues and future planning will be explored as needed, but I will encourage and support you to see and speak from the present moment.