The Benefits of Individual Counselling:

  • Personal one-to-one support
  • A safe environment to be with whatever arises
  • No one to take care of in the moment but yourself
  • The opportunity to experience non-judgmental communication
  • Time for deep self-care and self-understanding

What to Expect in Your First Session:

  • I will answer any questions you have about me, my qualifications, rates, and the process.
  • If you have done an intake form, we will briefly look at any questions you or I have.
  • If I have asked you to do an Enneagram test, we will review the results together.
  • I will ask you to clarify any goals or agenda you have for our work together and for this appointment specifically.
  • When in doubt, I will always ask you to check in with yourself to see what arises.

What to expect in the following sessions:

      .   Begin to explore your feelings, beliefs, and your behaviours.
     .   Begin to work with difficult or significant memories.
     .   Begin to identify aspects in your life that you would like to change.
     .   Begin to better understand yourself and others.
     .   Identify personal goals, and work towards any desired change.

Future bookings:

     .  We can book future appointments at the end of your session.
     .  We will discuss appointment frequency, so you can decide what works best for you.
     .  You can change any bookings up to 24 hours before your next session's scheduled start time.